About EmpiresX

We are a company created for you. Our mission is to connect people in the financial market, without the need for years of knowledge in negotiations. We have successfully established a connection between live traders worldwide and the general public.

EmpiresX was created in order to help, multiply and transform.

The company has not existed officially since 2017, since when the 2 partners started trading with crypto. Officially, after a lot of learning, a lot of partnership, a lot of evolution, EmpiresX was launched in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

But with the pandemic, many lost money in the stock market, how about you? We do not; with our expertise, combined with the expertise of our head trader, we devise strategies that even with the market down, we have an exponential profit.

Our goal with the company, will always be the same: Help, Multiply, Transform and finally see your smile on your face.


Our vision is to bring the largest number of people around the world the opportunity for a profitable experience with security combined with profitability.


Our mission is to connect people in the financial market (from trade to large-scale physical investments) without the need for years of experience, through our software that was created and developed by highly qualified professionals to help manage and multiply assets with transparency and safety.


We have non-negotiable values:

Innovation: Our technology center has an ardent commitment to bring market intelligence solution.

Transparency: We allow our users to follow investment reports transparently in detail.

Tranquility: We give our customers the opportunity to participate in the best experience of investing in a safe and efficient platform.

Our Work

We have the strength and partnerships of several financial institutions around the world, which allows us to build a direct connection and a safe choice for your portfolio, bringing the maximum possible return. Using our software you can become a successful trader and still have control over your own capital at all times, with complete transparency.

Why Empires X?

Because it is simple, it is profitable, it is real and it is for you! It is very easy and simple to purchase our services. We are present in more than 16 countries, operating close to you. At EmpiresX, everyone can invest safely and profitably.

Our Global Presence

We are active in 5 continents and more than 50 countries, with a monthly growth of 30% and expectations of 6000% in 2023.



Emerson Pires is an experienced market analyst and advisor, with years of business, traditional markets and cryptocurrency portfolio management. With a desire to help motivate and positively impact those around him. Emerson is majored in computer science and financial advisory with thirst for knowledge. There’s no job too big or task too tall that he doesn’t believe he can achieve.

While traveling around the world, he has made strong connections with influential people and businesses. With dedication and commitment Emerson believes that everyone can have a life changing story. moved by faith and a trusted team, he plans to help many countries overcome financial hardship. With a mentality for growth and expansion he is dedicated to make Empires X a household name worldwide.



Flavio has a bachelors degree in System Analysis in University of Sao Paulo / Brasil, Masters in Project Management, owns 7 Companies in which, his passion is to help and transform lives.

Part of his projects was researching how to make life a little easier. With that, projects researching Alzheimer disease, researching how to improve and upgrade our brain, and as simple as weekly helping humble youth to understand their path to success when they don’t see any path.

Flavio’s goal, with empiresx, is to achieve a sustainable life for people that doesn’t have that, and sometimes rely on government or programs that could harm them in the future.

“EmpiresX is not just about trading, is about understanding the investment market. From investing in real estate, commodities, mining farms for crypto to trade, there is a wide variety of beautiful products that you can understand, test, and together take that step closer to your own change and success. ”